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Roofing your house with asphalt shingles is perhaps one of the largest home improvement project undertakings you could ever set out to accomplish. However, that doesn’t mean that the project is impossible. If you are someone with a handy mind and a bit of determination, you can indeed get a great result by using asphalt shingles on your own. However, there are some tips that one should always keep in mind when roofing your home for the first time. Here are a few:

  • Follow the Correct Pattern

The best way to ensure uniformity and perfect layering are to correctly follow the standardized roofing pattern in the first place. That is: Bottom to top, left to right. This is the way that all professional roofing teams will get the job done. Ensure that you are beginning each roof surface from the bottom left corner and ending at the top right eave every time.

  • Always Complete A Bundle Before Moving On

Asphalt shingles will come in bundles and should be used in this way. Never open up more than one package of shingles at a time if you can help it. This is because sometimes the coloration of the shingles can very ever so slightly from bundle to bundle. By using up your bundles entirely before moving on to the next, you make these potential differences less noticeable and the gradient far more seamless.

  • Securely Fasten Ridge Caps

At the ridge cap junction of the roof, you must ensure that the area is properly sealed off from potential leaks and moisture. In the absence of a roofing vent on the ridge cap, you want to ensure that your asphalt shingles properly overlap over the ridge and are nailed down as well as possible. This may require you to use double the number of nails you would normally use, just to ensure a secure and watertight seal.

  • Use Roofing Nails

Simply using the cheapest or easiest to find nails is never going to produce great results. Roofing nails should be galvanized and corrosion resistant, as well as specifically designed for roofing. This prevents rust and corrosion from damaging the nails and allowing the shingles to come loose and detach over time. Skimping out on the nails will always result in massive headaches down the road.

  • Properly Nail the Shingles

Asphalt shingles have what is known as a ‘nailing line’. This is a specific line on the shingle where the mats are made to be bonded together. Ideally, your rows of nails will be just below that line every time. You should be careful to never nail through the sealing strip, as this can reduce the waterproof capabilities of the asphalt shingles. Finally, use at a minimum 4 nails per shingle mat, with perhaps 6 being needed in areas where high wind buffering is expected.

  • Final Thoughts

The most important thing when applying asphalt shingling to your roof is to remain patient. You always want to take your time and ensure that each shingle mat is applied correctly and in line with the others. One small mistake, and you can damage the integrity of the job entirely. In addition, never neglect your own personal safety when working in high places. Take your time, be safe, and you can have a gorgeous freshly shingled roof in no time!

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