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A flawless and effective slate roofing system relies on execution. If installed properly, it can make your home as stylish as ever. 

If you see signs of damage, it is best to have your slate roofs checked right away. You wouldn't want your precious investment to go to waste!

The Slate Roofing Advantage

Slate roofing is a unique system that can last for several and even hundreds of years. It makes a structure stand out even from afar. Despite its higher cost, a slate roof is easy to maintain. This type of roofing system is perfect for customers who want to spice up the design of their property.

Another competitive advantage of slate roofs is they are completely water-proof. Escape the hassle of dealing with leaks, shrinkage, and moisture once you choose a slate roof. If you’re a New Orleans homeowner, this roofing system can get you through any kind of weather!

Types of Slate Roofing System

These are the two types of slate roofing systems, each type can bring something different to your building.

Real slate roofing is authentic and sourced from only the finest quarries. From the name itself, real slate roofs are made of natural stone. It is fireproof and highly durable. Since it is harder to source, they can be quite expensive. Some homeowners prefer real slates for their traditional look and vintage appeal.

This type of slate roofing is harder to install because of its heavyweight. However, it is an eco-friendly choice because you are not using any harmful chemicals. Take note real slates need to be handled with care so it wouldn’t be damaged throughout the installation process.

Synthetic slate is an enhancement of classic roofing systems, made of both plastic and rubber. This type of slate roof aims to mimic the appearance of real slate without going over the budget. It is easier to install, which costs cheaper. This uses synthetic slate shingles that comprise ultraviolet ray inhibitors to prevent sun damage. A lot of customers prefer this because it’s affordable and fire-resistant.

Seeking the help of slate roof companies is worth the investment. From slate roof repairs, installation, to replacement, having a slate roofing system can increase the value of your building and make it stand out. Slate roof repair costs are indeed expensive, but once it’s successfully installed, your problem is solved.

slate roof leak repair

For slate roof leak repair, you should only reach out to a trusted trusted roofing contractor. They will detect the problem quickly and make your slate roof as good as new. If you’re in New Orleans, then Synergy Roofing is the solution you need.

Our company only hires skilled technicians who can execute a job to perfection. We take pride in giving flawless but affordable slate roof repair to New Orleans. At Synergy Roofing, it is our goal to make your visions for your property come to life.


Explore our slate roof services by calling (504) 352-2466. Our team will gladly welcome your concerns. You can even request for an estimate!

Synergy Roofing is the partner you need. With our help, you can achieve the slate roof you have always wanted.