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Cedar Shake Shingles

Cedar Shake Shingles

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The Cedar Shake Shingles

Adding cedar shake shingles to your roof makes your house a tad more exciting than the other ones in your neighborhood. This is because of cedar’s impressive feature of aging like a fine wine—it gets better as it ages. Many homeowners actually praise this type of appearance because it helps with maintaining a classy look for almost all landscapes. Due to this exact reason, cedar shake shingles are expensive, but since it makes for a masterpiece, it is a worthy roofing material. It will surely give your house that ethereal vibe you have desired.

Besides providing your house with an exquisite homely look, cedar shake shingles are also known for their amazing insulation and protection abilities. Cedar shake shingles are able to maintain their qualities as compared to other roofing materials such as asphalt shingles. Apart from this, cedar shake shingles also age gloriously, even transforming into an alluring silver patina hue as time passes. Due to this, your house’s value would definitely rise and be more enticing to possible buyers. For all these, cedar shake shingles are often pursued by many homeowners because of their advantages.

Cedar Shake Shingles

Moreover, cedar shake shingles are offered in a wide array of beautiful color selections. The range goes from amber, red, gold, and brown, with handmade shakes that add a natural pop to your home. It’s also highly compatible with most houses’ themes. Plus, the wood used in the creation of cedar shake shingles is biodegradable and is a renewable resource. Thus, whenever you make use of cedar shake roofing, the environment is not particularly affected.

Comfort seeking: Another priority of homeowners is making their house into a home. This means providing an atmosphere of comfort for those who reside in it. This is another reason why cedar shake shingles are a classic choice for comfort-seeking homeowners, as it is a highly durable material with several safety elements. Because of its natural oils, it is bug-resistant and able to handle the roughs of extreme weather conditions. If maintained correctly, its lifespan can be expected to last up to 30-50 years.


Cedar shake shingles are also natural insulators, which act as a built-in heater for your home during winter days. At the same time, it also provides hot air resistance during hot days. As compared to asphalt shingles, it makes up for a greater insulator that can assist you in cutting down heating and air conditioning costs. It is also one of the strongest woods, so it makes for a good investment to protect your house’s structure.

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To make your roof’s appearance amazing and your house kept safe, make sure that your cedar shake shingles are installed properly and maintained over the years. Choose experienced professionals with years of knowledge in the field. Here in Southern Louisiana, you can count on Synergy Roofing for reliable service, high-quality roof repairs, maintenance, additions, installations, and replacement. Our team believes in providing our clients with the best roof services at affordable prices. Together with you, we can build the roof of your dreams.