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Hurricane Straps: What Are They and Why Do You Need Them?

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Hurricanes are a fact of life for many homeowners who live near the coasts which are considered hot spots for these tropical storms. Despite them being on the water, their gales and harsh rains can be devastating to communities and property. This is especially true for property and homes which are not properly secured and reinforced against the winds and gusts. That is why homeowners in hurricane hot spots should always consider hurricane straps for their roofing. Call Synergy Roofing for more information.

  • What Are Hurricane Straps?

Hurricane straps are actually a relatively simple concept. They are connectors that are attached to the beams of a roof and are used to connect these beams to the mainframe of the house securely. They are cut in a variety of different ways and are used in different locations throughout the roofing connection in general. Typically, they are made of either stainless steel, or galvanized steel, and provide an extra level of security for protection against harsh winds.

Hurricane straps come in a wide range of styling all used to serve different functions–not all are made specifically for roofing. For example, you might find:

  • Rafter connectors, which connect the ridge boards to the rafters.
  • Multipurpose straps, which connect the walls, foundations, and roofing of timber houses.
  • Moment connectors, which connect the butt joints together…
  • Purlin braces, which secure rafters and purlins together.
  • Timber connectors, which connect the purlins, beams, floor plates, rafters, studs, and wall plates securely to the structure.

These are just a small handful of the differing types and styles of what could be considered hurricane straps. They all work in different ways to accomplish the same thing. Which is to add additional support to your building against massive winds, rains, and harsh storms.

  • Why Do You Need Hurricane Straps?

Hurricane straps are not a 100% guaranteed solution to this massive danger. However, they are one step towards protecting your home against massive hurricanes as high up to category 5. Hurricanes have the ability to completely rip roofing off of homes entirely. In addition, they can push down walls and rip decks away from foundations. This means that additional bracing and strapping are helpful to prevent this kind of damage from occurring.

When roofing is ripped completely from a home, a lot can happen as a result. The structural integrity of the framing can be completely ruined, the interior of the home can be destroyed, and the entire house can collapse. This can all add up to a massive repair bill which could even result in starting from scratch and rebuilding the home entirely. That is why hurricane straps are always a good idea to have if you live in an area that suffers from frequent, or even occasional hurricane storms.

  • Final Thoughts.

Many local building authorities in hurricane hot spots have hurricane straps included in their mandatory building codes. This means that your home might already have them installed. However, not all homes in these areas are subject–or have been subject–to these laws. Older homes especially may have been built prior to these laws being implemented. It’s always a good idea to check with a local contractor to find out if your home already has hurricane straps. If not, you can never go wrong by having them installed wherever possible. The future of your home could very well depend on it come hurricane season.

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