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Having a roof that is always in good condition is a must. It is what protects us from the harsh weather conditions in the environment that we live in. However, our roof also has wear and tear, especially if the materials used on it are just substandard and if the installation techniques used to put it up aren't close to good.

If you don’t know when you need to get your roof replaced, here are some indicators to help you out for your residential roofing New Orleans!

How can you tell if your roof needs replacement ?

When should you ask for the help of professional roofing services? Here is a list of the indicators that your roof needs replacement.

Shingles also have a wear-and-tear and cracking, curling, or losing one of them are signs that they are nearing the end of their lifespan. If you notice any of these signs, then you should already consider having your roof replaced by contacting professional services that install new roof New Orleans.

If you notice that moisture is already being trapped in your shingles, then they are not functioning really well already. It helps if you would keep in mind that water may not be trapped right under the offending shingle since water runs downhill.

You will notice that composite or asphalt shingles are already near the end of their lifespan if they start shedding their granules. You can find these granules in your gutters and they look like coarse black sand. If you find a significant amount of granules, then you must already consider getting your roof replaced.

The first signs of damage or deterioration may first develop on chimneys, vents, pipes, and other objects that penetrate your roof. Aside from that, fixes are also usually confined to these specific areas.

Outside the house, peeling can result from a leaky roof, inadequate caulking, clogged gutters, or interior moisture that seeps through exterior walls. Synergy Roofing and Construction is here to help discover exactly what the problem is and help the best way we can.

There are a lot of possible reasons why there are water stains or discoloration on the walls of your house. One of these reasons is that the underlayment of your roof may be allowing moisture into your home and thus, staining its walls. Reroof New Orleans will easily solve this problem!

If the rainwater is already getting into your attic, it may be simply because of some flashing. However, another culprit can also be a porous underlayment. If that’s the case, then it’s best for you to opt for a roof replacement.

Get the best roof service!

If you notice any of these signs, it is best that you contact Synergy Roofing immediately to avoid any further damage to your roof. We offer free inspection to determine the real root cause of the problems that you encounter with your roof and we will give you a report on what services are necessary to solve those problems. An estimate will also be given to you so you can prepare your budget! 

For more inquiries, do not hesitate to call us at  (504) 352-2466 or you can click here to visit the contact us page.