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Metal roofing in New Orleans has become a common occurrence. Particularly, standing seam metal roofs in New Orleans is mostly pursued by homeowners nowadays. Usually, in the past, many individuals have strayed away from using metal roofs because of the stereotypical disadvantages. But today, it is becoming a highly popular option for roofing, especially in metal roofing. This is because one of the most important parts of your property, roofs must have a long lifespan, manageable maintenance, and energy efficiency. Surprisingly, this is what metal roofing can provide for its clients. 

People who have taken an interest in New Orleans roofing and metal must know the advantages of metal roofing in Louisiana. Metal roofs actually have a long lifespan, reaching 40-70 years, as long as the material is well taken care of. This is why it is commonly used in roof replacements or brand new roof construction. Moreover, it usually comes with a long manufacturer warranty which lasts from 30 up to 50 years. Since its durability is also promised, it can handle extreme winds reaching up to over 130 miles per hour, without compromising its coatings or its structure.

Metal roofing also provides homeowners with exceptional styles that can easily fit the aesthetic of your home and/or your neighborhood. Far away from its traditional, rusty look, metal roofing can now be chosen from tin, zinc, copper, aluminum, or galvanized steel. You are also provided with several colors, shapes, and finishes to choose from!

Moreover, metal roofing is also sustainable for the environment, as it is usually made of a quarter of recycled materials that can be recycled as a whole after some time. It also allows for the installation of solar panels and rainwater harvesting systems without compromising the structural support. Metal roofing is also light, so it can be installed over asphalt shingles without endangering your roof structure.

Apart from being recyclable and sustainable, metal roofs are also energy-efficient. It allows for a cooler environment because of its reflective capabilities. Instead of absorbing the heat into your home, it reflects it, especially in the summer. It also comes with reflective pigments that reduce the heat gain of your home, so you can save up on cooling costs.

metal roofing in Louisiana

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Furthermore, if you choose to make use of standing seams for metal roofing, you are sure to enjoy many benefits. Standing seam metal roofs provide better support for your roof without compromising its appearance. There are several panels from you to choose from to enhance your roof’s structure. What’s more, is that it is great protection against hail storm damage as the material is more durable to handle these types of intensity.

To get the perfect mix of impressive roof appearance and structure, and for your house’s added security, hire a professional to conduct installation and maintenance for you. Go for the experienced professionals with years of wisdom in the field. For amazing Louisiana metal roofing, you can count on Synergy Roofing for reliable service, high-quality roof repairs, maintenance, additions, installations, and replacement. Our team believes in providing our clients with the best roof services at affordable prices. Together with you, we can build the roof of your dreams.